Samsung Galaxy Premiere Event to Be Live Streamed on Thursday

June 10, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Samsung is holding their Galaxy Premiere event this Thursday where they are expected to announce the new Galaxy Tab S in two variants, that’d be the 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch versions. The Galaxy Tab S has leaked out a few times, showing off it’s fingerprint sensor and AMOLED display. It’s going to look just like any other Samsung tablet, except it’ll have an AMOLED display instead of a LCD display. While some of us don’t like AMOLED displays, they are the ones that receive all the praise, and in fact the display on the Galaxy S5 has been named the best display that DisplayMate has ever tested. Which is pretty amazing. Since they test just about every display on every smartphone.

Samsung has confirmed that they will be live streaming the Galaxy Premiere event on Thursday, which it all starts at 7pm EDT (that’s 1am in the UK and 4pm over on the west coast). It’ll be live from Madison Square Garden in New York. As always we’ll be covering this event to make sure we get all the news from the event out to our faithful readers. You’ll be able to watch teh event from Samsung’s YouTube channel and their blog, Samsung Tomorrow.

Right now we’re looking at a Samsung Galaxy Tab S unveiling and that’s it. But since they are at Madison Square Garden, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them announce something else we didn’t expect. Maybe the Galaxy F? But I kinda doubt it, we haven’t seen enough leaks yet. But the Galaxy Tab S seems like a shoe in for this since the teasers all say “tab into color” kind of a dead giveaway in my opinion.

So this Thursday, what are you expecting for Samsung to announce from Madison Square Garden? Let us know in the comments below.