Rumor: Omron Okao Vision Tech Used For Amazon Smartphones 3D Movement Detection

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Thanks to yesterdays little rumor round up that we did on the upcoming smartphone from Amazon, there was a lot to talk about in regards to what sort of features, hardware specs, and price we’d be looking at once this thing finally shows its face to the world. What seems to be catching most people’s attention is that this new device from Amazon will be a smartphone that is said to have 3D sensing technology inside. We know that whatever it is or however it works, it definitely seems to sense movement in some way. This was made pretty obvious by the video that Amazon first showed people a couple of days ago which had people swaying from side to side, with one lady even stating that “it moved with her”. We don’t know what “it” exactly refers to in terms of what on the phone she was using, but by that alone we know that the phone senses movement.

There has long been rumors that the smartphone would sport three dimensional tech inside, and that it would be carrying six camera sensors on board, with two presumably being the rear and front cameras while the other four sensors are dedicated to the 3D movement sensing. The newest report states that the 3D tech built into Amazon’s smartphone will be powered by Omron’s Okao Vision technology.

Past the fact that Omron’s vision tech has been embedded in the phone, the rumor states that Amazon tweaked the tech so that it could be utilized for the three dimensional effects without using 3D glasses, which is what most of us have been used to with 3D technology in the past. The four sensors that are said to be on the front face of the phone used for the movement detection are reportedly built into each corner of the device so that it can track X, Y, Z coordinates. To make sure that users have a relatively fast response time with the gesture controlled navigation from the 3D movement detection, the gyroscope and accelerometer are also used. Even though this isn’t going to be this years most powerful phone in terms of specs, it’s shaping up to have hardware that is still pretty decent and offers some cool features that are worth checking out. “OK, Amazon, you certainly have our attention.” Amazon will be unveiling this phone to the world from Seattle on June 18th, which gives us just under two weeks to go.