Reinvent The Wheel? HP Hopes to Reinvent The Operating System


Recall a few days ago, when HP spoke with Business Week about their new collection of teams and efforts, labeled 'The Machine'.  This team made the news on Wednesday for an announcement from HP's Chief Technical Official Martin Fink, about Android, and mobile OSes in general.

Fink, on Wednesday, spoke about how this reimagining of Android was linked to their current task(s) of redesigning the computer, to work faster, more efficiently (in both speed/time and power consumption), smaller, and for cheaper.  The Machine, as the group of projects and objectives is called, is working on a new technology, called memristors, which store data more efficiently and in a smaller space than convention (and current-day) storage options, and specifically, as Fink pointed out in his presentation, having these less-likely-to-mess-up memristors move into mobile devices, beginning with Android devices.

Fink went into how the current mobile OSes are too focused and occupied with moving user data between storage and memory (meaning from internal storage into the RAM for manipulation, then back to storage after modified/finished), which would be unified inside HP's new The Machine objectives.  HP, after describing how memristors would do the same for mobile as HP plans to do for home desktop, they are looking to work with other mobile OSes (and their company's obviously), so the unification of RAM and ROM, into a single pool of memory can be device-nonspecific.

Fink also went on to say how there is a team within HP making these changes, but to Linux, making it work as normal, but utilizing these new technologies to streamline computing and processing within the physical device and the digital OS itself.  And the best part was yet to come, regardless of your device(s) and affiliations.  HP also announced that they would be reaching out to universities from every corner of the globe, making the improvement of the computer region-nonexclusive, to bring them onto the team that would work and is working on the revamping of the OS that The Machine is currently doing.

The Machine is, as mentioned, a team of projects working collectively to, in a manner of speaking, reinvent the computer, since, according to HP, it has "been dormant or stagnant for decades", and is "probably due for a rethink" (regarding how it handles memory and storage).

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