Recent Leak Shows A New ZTE Qingyang 2 4G


It seems a familiar ZTE smartphone, the Qingyang 2, has been spotted in international trim with 4G connectivity. Sure to release with a different name for international markets, it seems the name and 4G capability are the only changes from the previously released version.

What should be a flagship device from the Chinese phone manufacturer, this device will not be competing with today's flagship offerings. It will be boasting the MediaTek MT6592 octa-core chipset with 2gigs of RAM. The screen doesn't wow too much, coming in at 5 inches and only capable of 720P. The rear camera checks in at 8mp and the one taxed with selfies checks in at 5mp. The battery checks in at a sufficient 2300mAh, but once again, no real "wow" factor. The original Qingyang 2 had dual-SIM capability, there's no word on this yet other than it will be LTE capable.


Now, a device like this being released in the near future would make sense if it could be had for a relatively low price. As far as what we know at this point, it will be priced at $480(U.S.), which doesn't really qualify it as a "low buck" device. So where will this phone fall in today's international market? With those specs and that price, the deciding factor here will be the markets it becomes available in. If made available in a market with not too much in the way of competition, the device should fare well with LTE connectivity and decent specs.

ZTE has seen some success in the United States in years past in the prepaid cellular markets. One of ZTE's most notable hits was the Blade that was released in 2010. One of Android's earliest handsets, the Blade shipped with 2.1 ‰clair and found huge developer support. ZTE would release the Blade 2 and Blade 3, but not with the same success as the original Blade. With this recent leak of Qingyang 2 4G, it doesn't seem that this will be the device that helps ZTE re-live the "glory" days once enjoyed by the venerable Blade.

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