Phone Comparisons: LG G3 vs Apple iPhone 5S



Here comes the comparison we Android lovers want to see – the newest LG G3 up against the Apple iPhone 5S – Android OS vs iOS. Of course, we are more interested in the specifications of the devices, but their respective OS have a lot to do with what we like and do not like about a particular device – as we witness that even with the skin overlays that the individual Android manufacturers use. The G3 and 5S could not be more different from one another – from design, materials and specifications. Yes, we realize that the iPhone 5S is the 2013 model, but it is still Apple's flagship device and people TODAY, may be deciding if they want to purchase an iPhone or an Android device – if they decide they want to go with iPhone, then the 5S is their newest choice – hence, we compare.

Just a quick note about Android vs iOS – Google's Android is an open source operating system…they write the main structure (often referred to as 'Vanilla') and then anybody can take it and use it, with most manufacturers putting their own 'spin' on it – TouchWiz from Samsung, Optimus UI for LG, and Sense for HTC. Android users have the options of using different launchers, live wallpapers, custom keyboards, etc. Apple's iOS is a very tightly closed operating system, and the user must use and be satisfied with whatever Apple decides it should look like – there is very little customization involved. The advantage to this is that all iPhones are running identical OS and upgrading is very easy. With Android, because we have so many variants of the base software, there can sometimes be long delays in getting the most up-to-date Android OS on your device – although it has gotten better this past year as more customers are demanding faster updates. Did I say a 'quick' note…


Please take a look over the specifications charted below and you will understand the vast differences in these two devices, however, even with all of those differences, both devices run fast, smooth, and can get the job done…LG and Apple just approached the job from different sides of the fence. After you look over the specifications, we will look at the individual devices and determine which flagship smartphone will win this comparison.


LG G3 vs iPhone 5S

 LG G3

LG G3 SecondThe LG G3 – where do we begin with the differences?  Let's start with the 5.5-inch QHD display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and a whopping 538 pixels-per-inch (ppi) – a little higher than Apple's retina display of 326 ppi.  The processors are hard to compare and each one does an outstanding job in their respective devices.  The G3 throws in a minimum of 2GB of RAM in the 16GB storage model and 3GB of RAM in the 32GB model, in addition to providing the user with a microSD slot to add up to 128GB more internal memory – both LG G3's top the 1GB in the iPhone 5S.  LG really stepped up their 13MP camera in the G3 by going with the dual-LED flash (yes, two-toned like the 5S), adding OIS+ for added stabilization and the inclusion of a laser Auto focus for taking faster and sharper pictures, even in low light.  The 2.1MP front-facing camera will produce a better video chat and selfie than the 1.2MP on the 5S.  Because of the 1-1/2-inch larger display size, the LG G3 is going to be a larger device to carry around – that may upset some people, but with that size you also get a much larger battery…3000mAh vs the 1560mAh in the iPhone 5S.  While it is true that the G3 will require more battery than the 5S, LG has a good handle on battery usage and it will still out last the iPhone's battery.


Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone-5s-gold-three-up-back-front-profileThe Apple iPhone 5S was released this past Fall and directly competes with Sony, HTC, Samsung and LG. We are not questioning the fact that Apple builds great devices, and the iPhone 5S is certainly one of them – carefully sculptured out of glass and metal.  One of the first visual differences is the small size of both the device and screen – with only a 4-inch display with resolution at 1136 x 640 and 326 pixels-per-inch, it really is not in the same league as the QHD display on the G3.  I am not necessarily dissing its puny 4-inch size as much as I am the screen quality.  It is hard to compare Snapdragons to Apples, so let's just leave it that both processors can get the job done on their respective devices – we must make a note that the 5S processor is a 64-bit model, but with only 1GB of RAM, users will gain very little from it at this point. With only 1GB of RAM, the iPhone 5S also loses out in the department, with either 2GB or 3GB on the G3.  The iPhone 5S does offer the option of 16/32/64GB of internal storage, but does not have a microSD card slot for added expansion.  While the iPhone 5S can still take a great photo, its 8MP main camera and 1.2MP front-facing camera are getting a little too outdated – it does have a dual-LED flash.  The size is a factor – if you like to carry around a smaller device and view emails, text messages, or videos on a 4-inch screen, then the iPhone 5S may be the device for you.  Another disadvantage of the iPhone's small chassis is Apple can only squeeze a 1560mAh battery into the space, and that is not acceptable in today's 24-hour mobile world. Apple does include a fingerprint scanner – they kind of got the ball rolling – and now HTC and Samsung are including them on their devices. The iPhone 5S is available on all major U.S. carriers and carries a pretty hefty price for its size.

…and the WINNER is…

lg g3


There was simply no choice but to declare the LG G3 the winner in this comparison – it simply outclasses the the iPhone 5S in all categories. Despite the glass and metal build of the 5S, the G3 can certainly hold its own in the looks department with its curves, small bezels and metallic-like back. Then you have the display – both size and resolution are much better than the 5S – okay, some users will think that the 5.5-inch G3 is too large for them, but almost everybody will agree that the 4-inch 5S display is way too small – usually 4.7-inches is about the 'sweet spot.' The iPhone 5S does have a 64-bit processor, but at this stage, it is a number only and means very little at this point. The G3 has more RAM, more internal storage with the 128GB microSD card slot. The camera is more advanced, the battery is larger, no special proprietary connections are needed and a slight price advantage. The LG G3 just has more to offer and with Android comes the advantage of customization – allowing you to make the LG G3 work your way, not Apple's way.

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