Phone Comparisons: Amazon Fire Phone vs LG G3



Here we are comparing two of the newest smartphones to arrive on the scene – they are so new that we can only pre-order both of them in the U.S. – so we don't want anybody whining about this comparison…it needs to be done.  Our LG G3 test device is from Korea, complete with TV antenna.  While both of these devices are brand new, they are really very different in both size and their functionality. Their are not too many similarities between the Amazon Fire Phone and LG G3, however, the Fire and the 16GB LG G3 both have 2GB of RAM and they both have a 13MP main camera, although we would have to give a slight edge to the LG because of their past cameras, the dual-LED flash and its laser auto-focus.  Both devices are also priced very similar – the Fire is only available exclusively on AT&T's network, while the LG G3 is available at all major networks.

Please look over the specifications below and then we will look at each individual device and compare the pluses and minuses of each model to help us arrive at a winner of this comparison.



Fire Phone vs LG G3

Amazon Fire Phone

amazon-fire-phone-ah-7The Amazon Fire Phone had been rumored and yet denied by Amazon for the past year, but they certainly made a huge deal about it at today's big announcement.  The Fire is first and foremost a means for Amazon to sell more items and it is designed to fit neatly into their ecosystem…in fact, if you have ever used an Amazon Kindle Fire, you will feel right at home.  The 4.7-inch display was a smart choice as the seems to be the new sweet spot for many users…but it is only a 720p resolution, however, on the other hand it has four additional cameras at each corner of the display to give the display a rather 3D effect that they call 'Dynamic Perspective.'  The Fire is using the venerable Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor – last year's model, but still not bad and it is clocked at 2.2GHz.  You can get a 32GB or 64GB model, however, there is no microSD slot for any expansion.  The battery is only 2400mAh and non-removable vs the 3000mAh removable one found on the LG G3.  The LG G3 is larger – except for thickness – yet the Fire weighs 160 grams or 11 more grams than the larger LG G3.

Software wise, it actually uses the Android OS, but with Amazon's heavily skinned Fire OS v3.5.  It uses some gesture controls, like we associate with a tablet, and is designed to function with Amazon products – Netflix, HBO, and Amazon's own streaming service.  They throw on some interesting features, such as MayDay that they introduced on their Kindle HDX tablet – a 24/7 tech support and FireFly technology that allows you to push a button and identify up to 100 million items – phone numbers, barcodes, movies, TV episodes, books, etc. and then takes you to an Amazon store where you may purchase the item.




The LG G3 has a new look that makes it look smooth and sexy, unlike the minimalistic Nexus look of the Fire.  It also has a larger 5.5-inch display and uses the QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution with 538 pixels-per-inch – a definite win for the G3.  The G3 uses the newer Snapdragon 801 and is clocked at 2.5GHz – certainly an upgrade, but only a real boost in the graphic departments that will help if you are a gamer.  The LG only comes in 16GB and 32GB vs the 32GB and 64GB Fire Phone models, however, the LG G3 has a microSD card slot to add up to an additional 128GB or storage – not to mention 3GB of RAM in the 32GB model.  Now let's talk cameras – both devices use a 13MP main camera, but the G3 uses OIS+, has dual-LED flash and a new laser auto focus – giving it a slight edge of the 13MP OIS single LED flash used on the Fire Phone.  The 3000mAh battery is much better than the 2400mAh battery found on the Fire, however, the LG G3 will need the extra life to power that QHD LCD display…although our past experience with the last few LG devices have yielded good battery life.

Software wise, the newer UI on the LG G3 has a clean, 'flatter' look, and makes Android 4.4 look great.  The also have Smart Notice, KnockON, Knock Code, Quick Memo, Slide Aside and Clip Tray which help enhances the user's experience.


…and the Winner is…



Based on the specifications, we have to choose the LG G3 as our winner – QHD display, slightly better processor, better camera, memory expansion, a beautiful look, and great software makes this the clear winner – especially when you realize it costs the same amount and you can get it on all of the major U.S. carriers.  If you are an Amazon shopping junkie, then you might want to purchase their new Fire Phone and take advantage of the free $99 Amazon Prime membership, but the LG allows you to shop at Amazon, as well as many other places and offers many other functions. The 3D effect is nice, but certainly not necessary and certainly not enough to overthrow the LG G3.

Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think about these two devices – does the Amazon Fire Phone seem like a device that you would want to purchase…as always, we would love to hear from you.