Pebble Watch + Misfit App Makes for a Pedometer


Pebble Smartwatch was funded by the crowdfunding platform called Kickstarter – they quickly raised enough money to develop and manufacture the first smartwatch.  It was released in January 2013 and while greatly anticipated, it was not at exciting as most people were expecting.  Pebble does work with either Android or iOS making it an easier purchasing decision and much more flexible than the Samsung smartwatches that need a Samsung smartphone in order to work properly.

Pebble was designed with health and fitness in mind, as well as making it waterproof and including a accelerometer – providing the Pebble with built-in longevity…it was nice that the company was thinking ahead.  Pebble worked with App developers like RunKeeper, Strava, Puma and more – developing sleep trackers, step counters, and swim watchapps.  Those applications really have made Pebble more useful, however, they were not going to be content as they see Samsung's Gear, Sony SmartWatch2, Android Wear, LG, Moto 360 and others on the way.

To convert your Pebble or new Pebble Steel into a smartphone-independent pedometer all you need is the Misfit watchapp – no other hardware is needed.  Misfit will also track additional items such as calories burned and distance traveled.  Peebles tells us that they will continue to partner with Misfit and in the future we will see this collaboration provide intuitive health and fitness tracking products.


The future of smartwatches looks bright as it combines technology with jewelry – many people collect watches and there is no reason to believe that smartwatches will be any different.  Pebble is a more traditional watch and is self-supporting – it needs no smartphone to work with it.  The smartwatches designed by the smartphone manufacturers offer more feature, but are much more expensive and not always as flexible, because they need a smartphone to help them out.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you own a Peebles or any smartphone for that matter – do you use the fitness function of your watch – what is your main purpose for owning a smartwatch…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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