PA Peek Gets Updated to Version 2


This morning, the Paranoid Android team updated their popular Peek notification app to version 2. As expected, it has a pretty lengthy changelog and is being called a "Huge release". Earlier today, + noted the update on Google+ with a very detailed changelog. An approach that I wish more and more developers would take. As many of them don't even put out a changelog now. Google's probably the most responsible for that as well. Per Jesus' post:

"- Peek now can be shown after turning your screen on, even if sensor polling time has ended!

After polling time ends, pressing power button will show Peek. This doesn't applies for always active mode.

– Motion detection algorithm has been optimized to be more reliable and precise.

This fixes a bug where the screen would turn on even without wakeup enabled.

– Now you can use Peek without immersive mode.

As many of you know, immersive mode shows a help dialog when the app goes into fullscreen. Sadly, android has a feature, called "panic mode", which causes the dialog to be shown multiple times on the same app. You can read more about this by searching on Google. Some ROMs like ParanoidAndroid removed this feature, therefore making the app work much better.

– Multiple unlock sound has been fixed.

No need to explain this one, it was really annoying, right?

– Persistent notifications will not wake screen up (Google Music, Downloads, etc).

They will still show up though. Next version will probably have an option to hide persistent notifications altogether.

– Support for devices without full required hardware (at your own risk).

Many users already bought Peek, and they didn't know it required Gyroscope and Proximity sensor to work as intended. We removed the hardware locks, so you can still use features like Power on, or Screen wake up, but don't expect the app to fully work without full hardware support!"


Lots of goodies here, and it's available on Google Play right now for those interested in checking it out.