Oppo May Be Working on a New LTE Phablet According to Leaked Photos


Staged leaks are the best kinds of leaks.  Usually ones that come from some random kid perusing a store don't always give us a good look at the actual device itself, but staged leaks usually do.  Ironically enough this apparent staged leak by Oppo shows us some of the blurriest photos of its purported upcoming LTE phablet likely set to be announced at their June 10th LTE conference.  While Oppo is busy launching the Oppo N1 Mini and the R6007 LTE, it looks like they have been working on another phablet to quench your desires for large, high quality phones.  What we're looking at in these pictures is obviously a pretty decent sized device, as it's wider than the guy's ear is tall, and the pocket shot also shows that the pockets of his jeans are just big enough to fit the phone, not to mention how it fits in his hand.

What's intersting here is the styling, and something Oppo hasn't really done much.  It's got that dual-tone styling that immediately makes it look like a large iPhone 5S, as well as a camera that's placed right in the middle of the back of the phone nearer the top.  The white and silver stylings are a little different from what you'd find on the Oppo N1, Find 5 or Find 7, which feature a much smoother one-color design.  The source also points out that the body is made of metal; something that's highly lauded nowadays.  Guesses on the size probably put it in the ballpark of 5.5 to 6 inches, which is about right given that the Find 7 is 5.5 inches and the N1 is 5.9 inches.  Internally we're likely looking at something very similar to the Find 7, although that's still under wraps.  June 10th is just 4 days away, so we shouldn't have to wait long until this leak becomes reality.


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