OnePlus One Gets Tested for Water Resistance

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The OnePlus One has had one of the most bizarre launches that I can ever remember for new smartphones. The OnePlus One has amazing specs, and an amazing price. But since it is a pretty new company – even though it is technically owned by OPPO – they’ve had quite the hurdle to jump over. There has been all kinds of delays in getting the device out to purchasers, but it seems as if it’s just now beginning to get into people’s hands. We had the round of 100 people that were able to purchase it for $1 if they smashed their current phone in the “Smash the Past” contest, and then some invites went out. We should see it openly available in about another month or so.

But that doesn’t keep YouTubers from having fun with the device. YouTuber GadgetGuruHD from having fun with the OnePlus One and doing a water test on the device. To see if it is water resistant, even though OnePlus didn’t say that it necessarily was water resistant. In the video he’s walking around holding the OnePlus One in the rain, and he’s still able to use the OnePlus One without needing to wipe it down. Which in comparison to the Galaxy S5, where you need to wipe the screen down, it’s pretty good. Then he splashed it in the puddle in the driveaway for a few seconds and it worked afterwards. Also put it in the puddle for about 10 seconds and it still worked as well. So it’s pretty good as far as water resistance goes, even though OnePlus isn’t promoting it being a water resistant device.

While it can handle some rain, and being dropped in a puddle for a bit, I still wouldn’t recommend doing that. Even though it is a $349 smartphone, you don’t want to kill a perfectly good smartphone. Right? How many of you are looking to buy the OnePlus One? Let us know in the comments below.