Some OnePlus One Device Shipments Delayed In Europe Due To Customs Hangups

In a perhaps not so surprising turn of events, it seems that OnePlus has delayed the shipments of their handset for the European market for a minimum of an additional two weeks. There has been much criticism about the company already for numerous reasons, ranging from distribution to timely arrival of orders and even issues with the handset having a few minor bugs for a few users. Some customers in other regions may already be enjoying the OnePlus One and all that it has to offer, but those that may have ordered the OnePlus One in Europe will simply have to continue to wait before their handsets will be shipped out. An additional two week delay at the least will potentially mean a minimum of a three week delivery, it all depends on how long the delay actually is and what kind of shipping people paid for.

The reason for the delay seems to rest solely with European customs, as they have deemed a certain part of the handset unacceptable and have sent them back to OnePlus. On the back of the handset at the bottom of the backplate, among all the markings that list the FCC, CE, Caynogen etc., it appears that European customs has said that the CE marking is to thin and needs to be redone. As you could probably imagine, redoing all those markings would take quite some extra time even if the handsets hadn't already been shipped and received by European customs. Since they have reached customs though and had to be sent back, there is all this extra time going through shipments to and from OnePlus.

While this may be a little bit disconcerting to those who live in Europe and have placed orders for the handset, Bridget Hickey of OnePlus has stated on the forums that the delay would only be a maximum of two weeks, and hopefully that holds true. Not all European customers have been affected, as there had been one batch that made it through customs earlier in the week without issue. The good news is that OnePlus is obviously keeping open lines of communication, stating that they will be contacting any customers who have had their orders delayed due to the customs issue to let them know when their orders will be ready.

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