Nubia Z7 Price Revealed, May be the First Phone with a Snapdragon 805


The Nubia Z7 is the latest to come out of the Chinese manufacturer, and it looks like the device is going to be a real winner.  For a while the rumors were pointing to the Nubia Z7 being a rather large device, sporting a 6.44-inch display and all the bells and whistles that make it a top of the line phone.  Now that we’ve learned the 6.44-inch device is actually the Nubia X6, it looks like the Nubia Z7 is actually a regular sized device featuring a 5-inch 1080p display instead.  While the above picture is actually the Nubia X6 mini, the Z7 looks extremely similar, so you know what to expect once we see the real thing.  Among the other components inside of the Nubia Z7 are 3GB of RAM, a 16 megapixel camera, and maybe the biggest thing of all the one and only Snapdragon 805.

What’s such a big deal about the Snapdragon 805?  First up it’s crazy powerful, and the biggest leap we’ve seen in mobile processing power in nearly a year.  One of the things it excels most at is higher resolutions, and since the Nubia Z7 is “only” a 1080p device the performance boost is going be pretty substantial vs a device with a higher resolution like the LG G3.  Secondly no device has even been announced with the Snapdragon 805 yet, and although the initial shipments of phones featuring the processor were going to be in May, that never actually happened.  Now it looks like the Nubia Z7 will be the very first device to ship with the Snapdragon 805 inside, and that alone is pretty exciting.

Besides the specs themselves the Nubia Z7 now has an official price of 2999 Yuan, or around $490 or €356.  That’s an incredible price for most phones, and one even more incredible considering the specs that the Nubia Z7 boasts.  While we don’t have an exact release date it’s going to be sometime next month, so stay peeled here and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with everything we’ve got on Nubia’s latest device.