The New Google Dialer APK Is Available And Comes Along With Slight Yet Nice Visual Changes

So earlier we showed you a screenshot of the new Google Dialer that came along with the Android 4.4.3 update thanks to an individual that shared their photo to G+, now we have gotten someone in house to grab a few screenshots of the working Dialer on their own device. We also have a breakdown of the new stuff that comes along with the dialer besides the visual changes that include the color swaps, which we'll get into in just a minute. On a random side note, the Google Dialer apk file that seems to be floating around in many various places now is said to work with Android 4.4.2, and that is the case we have experienced with one person here who has the dialer installed on their own Nexus device, however it seems to have some issues with working correctly(and by working correctly I mean issues with showing up at all)on my Nexus 4 that is running Paranoid Android. Not sure if this is something specific to compatibility with PA or not, in either case after three attempted installs of the apk file and reboots after each attempt, the new Dialer does not seem to show up so I would presume that it doesn't work with PA's version of 4.4.2, or that it may just be my device entirely.

Now lets go over the few changes. Obviously the main change is the color swap we see for the action bar and the dialer background, along with the same color of blue for the number buttons as on the action bar. The "people" part of the dialer app also got its very own refresh with newly swapped out colors and freshly styled icons. Before this update to 4.4.3 the People or "contacts" app had plain white and gray icons representing people with no designated contact avatar, now those picture-less contacts have a more colorful looking icon in place of what used to be there.

The call history has also gotten the visual and colorful change, and you'll notice that the new color theme applies to the search results list when searching for nearby places as well. As far as functional changes goes, when inside call history if you tap on the history button for a specific person that action now opens details for that call instead of calls them back. Overall the new changes looks very "project Hera" like. If you want the new dialer we have the download for you here, but if you're planning on just flashing the factory image it will be part of that so there is no need to download the Google Dialer apk as well.


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