Nest Protect For Sale in Canada for $109, but Lacks Wave feature


Google owned Nest is once again selling its Nest Protect smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, after being shelved for two months.  It is available in the U.S, Canada, and the United Kingdom, at a reduced price from the initial release price of $129 – for $99 in the U.S. and $109 in Canada.  The price should be reduced considering the fact that one of its most unique features still does not work – the "Wave" feature that allowed you to wave your hands in front of the Nest device to stop the alarm from going off.

Many people have a detector close to their kitchen, for obvious reasons, but sometimes we may burn something or cause a lot of smoke – forcing the Nest Protect to 'sound the alarm' when none was really needed.  All you had to do was walk over and wave your hand in front of it to make it stop…assuring the Nest that all was well.  This 'Wave' feature started to malfunction and Nest allowed you to return the device for a full refund and they stopped selling them until a solution could be found.  After a two month period, Nest started to sell the Protect again with no 'Wave' feature as they continue to search for a fix.


The Nest Protect falls right in between a dumb smoke detector and a connected detector that sounds an alarm at a third party monitoring service, such as ADT.  Nest Protect will send you a notification to your smartphone that there is a fire at your house, but then it is up to you to call the fire department.  Nest really bragged about the 'Wave' feature to 'wave' off those annoying false alarms rather than removing the battery like some people will do, rendering the device useless and putting your home in dangerous situation.  Hopefully, Next will find a solution to that wonderful feature. Next, being part of Google, naturally collects data from their Nest Protect units as it monitors carbon monoxide – producing a comprehensive report on real world data concerning the gas.

The Nest Protect comes in white or black and in a battery model or one that is wired into your house.  The center ring allows you to push on it to test the device or to silence it for a false alarm.  A ring around the center ring will glow different colors to inform you the degree of danger – it glows green at night to show you that everything is working and also has a blue, yellow and red color as well.  Its sensors include a: Photoelectric smoke sensor – Carbon monoxide sensor – Heat sensor – Three activity sensors – Ambient light sensor – and Humidity sensor.

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