Mysterious Motorola Phone with Dual Front Speakers for Verizon Leaks, Is This the Victara?

June 24, 2014 - Written By Syed Sofian Rabbani


Motorola, under the able leadership of Google, had taken the tech world by storm and practically risen from the dead with their flagship device – the Moto X. The innovation of an always-on listening feature coupled with Google’s much awarded innovation – Google Now, in conjunction with an affordable price tag resulted in the Moto X being one of the most successful devices to come out from the embattled Motorola in a long time. With the advent of Google I/O and the goodies being expected – Android 4.5/5.0 ‘L’ being one of them – the time is ripe to expect a refresh from Motorola to their flagship. With much speculation surrounding the ‘Moto X+1’, also codenamed as ‘Victara’, any leak of a Motorola phone is being looked at with an electron microscope.

The most reputed and trustworthy of leaksters – @EVLeaks – has tweeted about an Incipioâ„¢ case which is coming for the Motorola Victara on Verizon. The leak shows off the Victara encased in the Incipio Dualpro Hard Shell case, which does seem like a good – if not bulky – choice for protecting a phone. However, our attention is more riveted on what we can learn from how the Victara looks. Earlier rumors had alluded to the upcoming Moto X refresh as the ‘Victara’. Intriguingly, the device which we see in the leak (reproduced below) does not look anything like the Moto X we are familiar with. Our personal understanding is that the Motorola Victara coming in for Verizon is a lower end device rather than a flagship. This is the most logical conclusion given the fact that the device does not possess a flash with the camera and there is no front facing camera. A flagship device devoid of these basic specifications is unthinkable as on date. In fact the Victara looks similar to the entry-level Moto E with the exception that we see the front facing speaker grilles on the Victara. On the basis of logical deductions, we would assume the Victara to be a budget phone for Verizon customers, however we may be wrong. Do take this as mere speculation.

What’s your take? Is the Victara pictured in the leak a variant of the Moto X+1 or do you agree with  our assessment, do let us know in the comments below.

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