Mozilla Streaming Stick That Runs Firefox OS Gets Leaked, Aims To Compete With Chromecast

It seems that just about everyone has an answer to Google's wildly popular streaming HDMI dongle. Yes, the Chromecast enjoyed its time in the limelight all by its lonesome but not soon after its release we saw other competition come to market. That isn't a bad thing either, as competition forces the companies who are peddling their wares to update, innovate and otherwise improve their product in any way they can in an attempt to draw in more consumers over competitors. The latest addition to the streaming party looks to be this streaming stick from Mozilla that runs the Firefox OS, and we'd gather that it works in much the same way that the Chromecast does. It certainly has a similar design, albeit a couple of minor differences, nonetheless lets check out what sets it apart.

The device seems to have been leaked a few weeks prior to when it was supposed to be getting an official debut according to the source, which shouldn't really surprise anyone since anything of this nature tends to make its way to the web and into the public eye before it's supposed to. So what's Mozilla's streaming stick all about? Basically and in short, it's a streaming stick that aims to offer a similar if not almost identical experience to Chromecast but running the Firefox OS instead. The rumor is that it will also be able to run some Chromecast applications, although at this time it isn't known which ones those will be. We'd imagine they're bigger, more well known apps though, and in the hands on video below from GIGAOM it appears that YouTube may be one of those.

There are truth be told many unknown variables in this equation, like price, and availability just to name off a couple big ones, and when we say availability we don't just mean when, we also mean where. For all we know the Firefox streaming stick(as I'm calling it)could only see a lunch in a few markets, and it's always possible that it could be limited to U.S. only in the end(at least in the beginning)like the Chromecast was. It's also not known at this point who will produce the hardware for Mozilla, but it likely won't be themselves as they aren't a hardware company. When and if we eventually see this device, it's said that it will have streaming capabilities from within the Firefox browser much like you can do with Chrome and the Chromecast dongle, which most of you probably already suspected. Whatever this device may cost, it'll have to offer up a decent amount of functionality at a competitive enough price to beat out the likes of the Chromecast and the Roku 3500R streaming stick, both of which are doing fairly well and offer up some great features.

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