Motorola Moto X+1 Makes its First Debut with Boot Animation in Leaked Video

June 18, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

It hasn’t been quite a year yet since the Moto X was first announced, but since we’re coming up on the eve of that anniversary the successor to the Moto X is starting to really leak out now.  For quite a while we’ve heard the name Moto X+1, and while that name may not be the most favorite name for a new phone that we’ve ever heard, there’s no denying that the phone itself is likely to be killer.  The video in question today has been leaked by TK Tech News, the same outlet that leaked the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and there’s really nothing in the video that would point to this being a fake.  All we see is the boot animation of the new Moto X+1, and it’s a pretty interesting one.  If you have a Moto X or have seen or used one in the past you’ll probably know how interesting the boot animations are and how Motorola likes to change them up every now and then.  This one is a little crazier looking than the past ones, and changes the Motorola logo every few seconds upon booting.

What’s interesting here is that the portion of Motorola’s company name saying “a Google company” is still on the boot animation, meaning that the Lenovo sale clearly hasn’t been finalized and Motorola hasn’t made any changes to reflect that sale just yet.  Outside of that we can’t see a whole lot of the phone because of the way the logos are displayed on the video, which was apparently done on purpose to protect the source.  The phone itself says “Motorola Confidential Property” right on the bottom, which tells you this video was likely taken in a Motorola facility or taken from one.  The leaker says that this is the first of 5 leaks he has in store for us, so there’s bound to be some pretty exciting reveals before the actual official announcement of the phone.  We’ve seen a few other leaks of the Moto X+1, so it’s pretty exciting to know that we’re in store for four more in the near future!