Motorola Goes Geometrical On Music And Introduces The Moto Stream To Set Music Free

Motorola wants to take you back to geometry class with their newest little device called the Moto Stream. Ok, so they don't actually want you to do any math but the tiny little streaming device is shaped like a polygon, for that cool factor of course, and lets the user stream music from your Android smartphone or tablet, and PC's too, to any speaker in your home that you connect the Moto Stream up to, essentially turning any speaker wireless with your devices as the control system. Basically, this is Motorola's take on the Nexus Q without the other forms of media streaming as it only allows you to use music with wired speakers but it carries the same concept.

The Moto stream supports a range of up to 300 feet says Motorola so you have free roam around the house or the apartment allowing for un-tethered access and control of your audio. You can connect up to five devices simultaneously with heist mode, allowing you or your friends and family the capability to change out the music that's playing at any given time if you don't like what your ears are hearing. Think of it like the jukebox of the modern age, without the need to pay for listening to each song and without having to wait till your song comes up in the list. Not a fan of Deadmouse? No problem. Just open up a song you'd rather hear and swap it out.

The Moto Stream uses Bluetooth but pairing is actually handled through NFC, so pairing is as simple as tapping your smartphone or tablet up to the device and that's that. No muss no fuss. The Moto Stream has light indicators on front so you can always tell how many devices are linked up to it at any given time, so at larger gatherings you'll know if you're at the max or not. Support isn't limited to just Android devices as the Moto Stream actually works with Windows Phone and iOS devices as well, which was just as unexpected as the device itself. Although this doesn't do video playback like the Nexus Q did, it's quite a cool gadget and only costs $49.99, which was a fraction of the cost of the Nexus Q. Orders are available though Motorola as of today.

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