What We Might Be able To Expect From Amazon's "Kindle Fire" Smartphone

With Amazon's special June 18th event closing in, and the fact that we know this is going to be about the announcement of their smartphone that has been rumored to exist, not exist, and maybe exist, we felt it was time to do a little round up of exactly what we might expect to see when Amazon pulls the curtain off of the device they're going to show off to the world in Seattle. It's June 5th now so that means we're just 13 days away from the big announcement. So far there is a hefty amount of rumors that we've heard in regards to specs and potential prices and launch dates, not the least of which is the rumor that the long awaited Amazon smartphone will carry some sort of 3D technology inside of it and come packed with six camera sensors.

Almost more exciting than the thought of what features and hardware might be baked inside of it though is the way people responded to using it in the video teaser that Amazon threw out yesterday. People were so excited that they didn't want to give it back and the curiosity for plenty must be peaked over the side to side swaying of half the people that Amazon allowed to demo the device. My own speculations include the use of the sensors tracking movement and thus allowing the phone to in some way, display the content to the user perfectly even if at a slightly skewed angle, like the person sitting next to you for example. That is less likely a possibility but just a though that I had. It could also just be that the three dimensional effect given off by the display works in tandem with the sensors said to be on front, tracking movement and "moving with you" as one person stated when she used the device.

We already know that it will have heavy tie ins to Amazon based services like instant video and Kindle Books, as well as the Amazon App store. Other rumors flying around are in regards to a gesture based control system for accessing certain parts of the phone or completing certain normal tasks like inserting photos or other attachments in to messages or emails. Tilting the phone to one side basically to open up the app drawer or open the settings menu, or tilting to one side to insert pictures into messages and such. A gesture setup like that would certainly explain the reactions of those who stated it was like nothing they had ever seen or used before, so we can't help but wonder if there is any truth to the gesture information. It's also said that the tilting or gesture actions would change depending on where you were on the phone, whether it be the homescreen or inside of an application.

When it comes to rumors of release dates, the buzz around a possible launch suggest that the month of September is when we should expect to see Amazon actually release the phone to public for sale, and another that AT&T might have some exclusivity to sell it before other carriers. September would give Amazon two and half months or more to get things rolling after the announcement before they have to deal with shipments. As with most of the other Amazon devices, we can probably expect this to be a cost competitive device and come with a somewhat inexpensive price tag however the official price is not known just yet of course. As far as the specs go themselves, the rumors are saying that we could see a screen size of 4.7-inches with a 720p resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm, 2GB of RAM and 13MP rear facing camera. Those specs are nothing to be shamed of, and if they pan out to be true the device should be enticing to many consumers.

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