A Look at What Could Have Been: “Google Home IQ” Design Mockups Appear

June 4, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

A company like Google has numerous different projects being worked on at any given time and it’s no surprise that sometimes, things don’t work out. We’ve seen this recently with products Google hoped would take off with consumers in the Nexus Q, and now we’re getting another look at what could have been. Christopher Bettig is an Art Director at Google, and he has recently shared some of his work done on an Android app called “Google Home IQ”, which is no longer being worked on. Bettig has shared the artwork he worked on through his own site, and it gives us a look at what the app might have looked like, but more than that it tells us that Google was in fact seriously working on home automation.

Bettig details that the app was to “control a smart thermostat” and that the icon for the app had a different look for different states. For instance, there’s an icon that would depict when you were away from your home using a Google Maps pin in the city behind the house and when it would rain, the icon would show this, too. The artwork looks really nice and definitely has a “Googley” look and feel to it. There’s also a mockup homescreen that features the icon in what looks like an Android 4.2 theme to us, hinting that the project could have been cut off some time last year or even earlier.

Way back during Google I/O 2011, the company announced “Android @ HOME” and showed off home automation using Android smartphones, but this never really amounted to anything and every year coming up to Google I/O we start to ask ourselves what happened to the project. It’s more than likely that the purchase of Nest was what put this project on permanent hold and that Google is now looking to integrate Nest better into Android. Nevertheless, it’s nice to take a look at what could have been and these icons and artwork are nice to look at if nothing else. With a look and feel that ties in well with Google Now, the icons have a “Project Hera” look and feel about them and could be a hint that the rumored, colorful change to core Android apps has been worked on for some time now. Take a look at Christopher’s blog at the source link for more of his great work, including a look at the 2011 design guidelines Google introduced.