LG’s G3 Gets Anti-Theft Features from McAfee Free for Five Years

June 12, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Our smartphones are precious to us and well, losing one or having it stolen can be a pretty horrible experience. Not just because we perhaps depend on these devices more than we should, but because they’re valuable and have access to all of our online accounts and such. Both things we wouldn’t want someone else to get their hands on. This is why after such a long time, Google has built in a feature to help locate your phone right into Android. part of Google’s Play Services, the Device Manager is completely free to use and works quite well. Still though, for those looking for something a little more secure than that, there are similar offerings from big names and McAfee is one of those names.

Intel’s own antivirus and security app has teamed up with LG to offer G3 owners anti-theft features free for five years. These features not only include the usual locate, remote wipe and password locks, but also feature mobile security and antivirus as well. The McAfee Mobile Security app comes preinstalled on the G3 and features backups, tracking features, a kill switch and the ability to control it from the Web completely free. Other LG users can download the app from the Play Store for free, but they might have to pay for the aforementioned services.

While this is a somewhat unnecessary move by LG, as Google’s Android features a competent built-in option, it will be nice to those that have sensitive information on their devices or just want to keep hold of their device. This could also cause some headaches for some, as the app blocks root access and prevents factory resets, but we’re assuming this is done after one has set up the software in the first place. With the G3 launching soon, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of effect this has on development for the G3.