LG's G Watch To Use "Home Chat" To Control Appliances


Everyone who wears a smartwatch has a hidden desire deep down to be as much like James Bond as possible, and LG is taking us one step closer with "Home Chat" on their Android Wear powered G Watch. Home Chat will allegedly allow wearers of the smartwatch to control and manage their LG home appliances from their wrist. I don't often imagine James Bond dealing with home appliances, but if he did I think this is the way he would do it.

This isn't the first bit of info to come out about Home Chat, we've known about the service for a while with LG having announced it at CES. Currently it appears that users register the LG smart appliances with Home Chat and then use the SMS app "Line" to control them. So far the service seems to only be available for use with LG appliances, it will be interesting to see if rival Samsung, whom also makes appliances, will create a competitive offering. Beyond that, as this type of service becomes standard with appliances we can expect to see other appliance makers team up with tech companies to offer their own version of a Home Chat-like service, which should be entertaining to watch.

Details are scarce on whether or not you will be able to use Home Chat without a paired smartphone acting as a go-between. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the likelihood of the G Watch featuring its own SIM card, which will enable it to be connected to a mobile network on its own, which may remove the need to connect to a smartphone in that respect. It's also worth noting that to my knowledge this is one of the few, if not the only smartwatch, that will feature this standalone capability – although if it is popular you can expect others to follow.


At this point we expect the LG G Watch to be officially unveiled at Google IO, the developer conference being held next week. The watch will be running on Android Wear, Google's newest version of Android aimed at wearables. The LG G Watch is expected to be the first device to ship with Android Wear. Other notable features include water resistance, an always-on display, and a sleek minimal design. This newest feature will definitely place an already attractive device into a league of its own, if implemented correctly. If LG keeps it up, I may not have to change my lazy habits when it comes to house chores. Are you excited for Home Chat? Do you think having the ability to control appliances from your smartwatch matters? Let us know in the comments below.

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