LG and Samsung to Start Producing Quantum Dot Displays?



Both Samsung and LG have a rich history of offering some of the best mobile displays available, with Samsung's Super AMOLED and LG's super high resolution displays turning heads all over the world. Still, despite the two companies' expertise with OLED and IPS display technologies, it looks like the two of them could be getting ready to use a new technology altogether in upcoming displays for future devices. Korean media is hinting that LG and Samsung are both taking a serious look at adopting Quantum Dot technology for future displays, and that display panels using the new tech could go into mass production as early as this year.


When Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX line was launched, the online giant was given considerable praise for their displays. This is because Amazon's latest Kindle Fires used Quantum Dot displays. There's obviously a more detailed, more scientific explanation out there, but essentially a Quantum Dot display is similar to an OLED one as light is fed to the LCD on demand, rather than permanently as it is with normal IPS panels and such. The result is as richer, warmer, more saturated color profile with displays that can achieve a wider range of colors. However, it's not all perfect as these displays often suffer from a blue that is considered to be under saturated.

ETNews is reporting that Samsung and LG have been looking into Quantum Dot displays and that they could even be looking to start mass production as early as this year. Still, we wouldn't expect devices from either of these Korean giants using a Quantum Dot display any time soon. Samsung has only just managed to get AMOLED displays suitable for tablets, with the Galaxy Tab S line coming soon and LG seems hellbent on focusing on resolution and clarity. Still, a new display technology could help push sales of upcoming devices and give Apple and competitors something to worry about.

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