LG Files Trademarks for G Prime, F Prime, L Prime and W Prime



Unlike Samsung and HTC, LG has only released two high-end devices this year; the G Pro 2 and the G3. Who knows when, or if, the G Pro 2 is to make its way West, but the G3 is coming to shelves all over the world very shortly. While the G3 is certainly no slouch, with some of the best specs we've seen in a smartphone for quite a while, it's beginning to look like LG isn't quite finished with 2014, and that they have some more tricks up their sleeves. We've been hearing about "Prime" variants of the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5 for some time now, and while the HTC One Prime has apparently been put on hold, LG has seemingly entered the fray.


The Korean giant has filed trademarks for the G Prime, F Prime, L Prime and W Prime names in the US, which is hardly subtle of them, but there's a big chance that these are just trademarks, and nothing more. This wouldn't be the first time that someone like LG has filed trademarks for devices and then never actually released them. The G Prime obviously invokes thoughts of a more powerful G3, which we could have recently spotted heading to Korea, but the G3 seems more than powerful enough. The only real upgrade they could give the G3 is a Snapdragon 805 that offers higher performance when it comes to graphics.

As the F Prime, L Prime monikers, these could relate to the F series and L series, both budget-minded, mid-range lines for LG that sell well throughout Europe. Again, we have to wonder how LG could make a "Prime" out of these devices. Meanwhile, the W Prime is said to be some sort of Windows Phone 8.1 device, which could mark a return to Microsoft's platform from LG. We won't be holding our breath for a more powerful G3, but these trademarks are certainly interesting to see and they're perhaps worth keeping an eye on at least.

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