Leaked Images Of An Unreleased Motorola Tablet Said To Be The Scrapped Xoom 3

Motorola has been active and busy in the smartphone space and their now gearing up to release their new smartwatch powered by Android wear this summer, the Moto 360. One area where they haven't touched on in some time is tablets. Motorola has been literally absent from tablets for a while, but this is one area we'd like to see them return and produce something worthy of carrying the Motorola name like we're used to seeing. The very first Android tablet they ever produced was the Motorola Xoom for Verizon, and they have had various iterations of tablets on Verizon Wireless since than, including the Xoom 2 and the Xyboard, according to these image leaks that just surfaced over the weekend though it seems that at one point Motorola was working on a Motorola Xoom 3 and had planned on launching it, sadly they appear to have scrapped the entire project some time ago(we'd assume)and the Xoom 3 will never see the light of day says the person who leaked these images.

There are various indicators that this was to be another Verizon based tablet at one point, from the glaring Verizon logo to the 4G LTE stamp that has become synonymous with their product branding. The back shot of the tablet also shows the Motorola logo and the familiar Kevlar backing we know of to be on the Razr devices from last year as well. Why they decided to scrap this tablet entirely we will probably never know for sure but it isn't impossible that it could have something to do with the eventual sale of Motorola to Lenovo. Since Lenovo says they're planning on leaving Motorola to operate under their own brand still, we have to wonder why they might not have decided to keep things going on the reported Xoom 3 we see here. That is assuming it had anything to do with the Lenovo sale in the first place.

It's very possible that while this particular Xoom 3 was scrapped and will never make it to market, that they may end up having a device in mind for the future to take it's place. I'm merely speculating on that as I think it would be awesome to see another tablet come from Motorola but who knows for sure what their plans are there. What do you think of this tablet that never was? Would you have bought it if it ever made it to Verizon's lineup?

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