Latest Smartwatch Infographic Shows Big Growth; Biggest Names in Smartwatches


The above SmartWatch 2 is something I wear every day, and I absolutely love it. I'm not afraid to say that either, sure I look a bit goofy at times swiping away at my watch, but for notifications and little things like controlling my music it's extremely useful. Sony's offering also doesn't look that much unlike a normal watch and I can use whichever strap I like. Enough of that though, you can simply read my review here. I've always loved the idea of a smartwatch, mostly for notifications and reducing my need to keep picking up my phone when I'm out and there are some excellent little uses for it besides that. What has really caught my eye over the last few years however is how the market for smartwatches has grown larger and larger and how these fancy watches have become a little more mainstream.

A new infographic from the Smartwatch Group that's chocked full of information on all the manufacturers and most popular uses for smartwatches. According to this latest infographic, Samsung has 34% of the market with Sony controlling just 7% and Pebble just 6%, which just goes to show how much marketing can do for a new market. 3 Million of these tiny computers were sold in 2013, compared to the 0.3 Million sold in 2012, which is a considerable increase. In the most popular uses for smartwatches, gaming, communication and fitness are featured heavily. I can see the communication side of things as mine is predominantly used for emails and text messages, but I do enjoy a game of Snake on my SmartWatch 2 every now and then.

The infographic on the whole is an interesting read if you like statistics and such, but on the whole the takeaway is that smartwatches are here to stay and with Android Wear set to make a big splash during I/O this year, the market is only going to get bigger and bigger. Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what you think to smartwatches in the comments below and over on Google+!


Smartwatches Market Infographic
Smartwatches Market Infographic by DreamChrono

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