Latest Google Glass Update Brings More Google Now Cards And Low Battery Reminder

A new Google Glass update is on the horizon, scratch that. It's already here. The Google Glass XE18.1 update brings in some useful new features that any Glass Explorer is sure to love. Keeping up with the pace to release updates to Google Glass fairly quickly, Google has released the latest today that brings in not only more Google Now cards, but is also now setup for the update that is coming to the My Glass app that is on the way and slated for release sometime later in the week. The new My Glass update to come will work in conjunction with today's update to Glass itself to allow the user to basically edit the photos they take with their pair of Google Glass right from the head worn tech specs. We can't imagine that will be the simplest option but if you prefer to add a little flare to your images before you upload them for all to see at least now you'll have the option.

Now we stated that Google Glass was getting a couple new features along with the updates to existing ones, and the first one is definitely a much needed feature. Google Glass has never had a reputation for the best battery life, and sometimes with everything that is going on around you it can be easy to forget to plug the device in to get some juice. Now with the XE 18.1 update to Glass, users will get a notification reminder that they have a low battery so they will get some sort of a warning before it just dies on them. Having this pre-dead battery warning might just give you the extra minutes you need to find a place to plug in and charge, or fish out that that external battery pack and charge up that way if you're still using Glass at the time.

The other new feature comes in the form of additional Google Now cards. Recently Google Now was updated with card support for parking reminders and notifications about scores and the ability to follow your favorite teams playing in the World Cup, and now with the XE 18.1 update Explorers can get that Google Now card information on Glass as well. Feel free to update as soon as you have a chance, and then get out there and share some experiences without fear that you'll miss the latest plays from your favorite team.

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