JDI's WhiteMagic Display Outputs 1000 Nits, Kicks Sunshine to the Kerb

LG may have just released its G3 flagship with a pixel-busting QHD display, which is all well and good, but that doesn't help you when you are are in bright sunshine trying to read something off your phone or tablet. Japan Display Inc. (JDI) believe they have the solution to this problem with their latest offering; a 7-inch display that allows you to view your screen outdoors, without the need to either squint like a mad man or to forever lurk in the shadows.

The 7-inch LCD display has a 1200 x 1920 (WUXGA) resolution that utilises JDI's 'WhiteMagic' technology to enable the screen to consume up to 40% less power than conventional displays in low power mode, while still displaying at a level of 500 Nits. In case you didn't know, the more nits you have in a display the better it is for viewing in direct sunlight. The display is also capable of putting out a massive 1000 nits in outdoor mode, without consuming more than the average tablet, naturally this does vary depending what sort of images are displayed. There's a picture in the gallery below that shows the difference between conventional displays and 'WhiteMagic' displays.

What is this so-called 'WhiteMagic' technology then? Well, the basic RGB display has the basic Red, Green and Blue pixels. They may have different configurations or shapes of pixels depending on who manufactures the display as per the gallery pictures below that show the differences in layout between standard RGB, Pentile RBG and Samsung's Diamond Pentile pixel layouts. JDI have added a white pixel into the mix, which helps with keeping the battery consumption down by lessening the dependency on the backlight, as well as enabling the higher level of nits to be displayed. All round good news for the average consumer. With battery technology seemingly lagging behind other components rate of development, anything that helps to minimise battery consumption while maintaining the same, if not better level of performance is welcome.

Never heard of JDI? JDI is a joint-venture between Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi that launched April 2012, integrating Sony Mobile Display, Toshiba Mobile Display and Hitachi Displays with the purpose of sharing development and manufacturing costs,  producing displays for small- to medium-sized devices ranging from cameras and mobile phones to tablets and medical equipment.

At present, JDI has only just started shipping samples to potential customers, so there's no telling just when this 'WhiteMagic' technology will be ready for primetime. It can't happen soon enough for me though. During a recent trip home to South Africa, it seemed that I was dashing for shade every time I needed to view something on my phone which was very frustrating to say the least.

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