Imangi Studios Temple Run Games Hit The 1 Billion Download Mark

June 4, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’ve never played Temple Run or Temple Run 2, you’re missing out on one of mobiles most addicting and popular games to ever grace the palms of our hands. Angry Birds may be known far and wide but Temple Run and Temple Run 2 have a fairly large following as well. Imangi Studios, the creators of the original Temple Run and Temple Run 2 games has given out some interesting information regarding the popular endless runner. The data about their games is in regards to both titles and not just one or the other, but still it’s a pretty amazing feat. Temple Run as a whole(once again that means both games)has been downloaded over 1 billion times across all of its supported platforms. I remember playing the original Temple Run when it finally came to Android and eagerly awaiting the release of Temple Run 2 with it’s updated graphics and new characters to unlock and play, it was something that was just too good to put down.

Imangi was also keen on sharing the data on who the games key groups of players were, and over half of them are women(60% to be precise)and the biggest portion of the players of Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are in China. With the most of the players residing in China they make up the largest percentage of all the downloads for both games, and the U.S. makes up the second largest percentage of downloads which quite honestly isn’t a surprise. China makes up 36% of all Temple Run and Temple Run 2 downloads while the U.S. carries 21%. Temple Run 2 is still wildly popular but statistics like these make you wonder if the addition of a third game title will make it blow up even more or will the buzz surrounding the franchise have fizzled out a little by that time?

I remember fondly the night of the Temple Run 2 release, as I wrote up the piece about its launch and then proceeded to play it for an hour or two before I finally passed out and went to sleep. Sure I made some progress in the game, but I really only succeeded in making myself extremely tired for work the next day. Have you had the same experience with either of these titles?