Huawei Unveil Kirin 920 SoC, Claims to Outperform the Snapdragon 805



Huawei might not be all that well known here in the West, but this is steadily changing and one thing that Huawei has become known for is the design of their own chips. The HiSilicon range of chips have ended up in devices like the Ascend P6 and now the Ascend P7. Traditionally, these processors have been Cortex-A9 affairs, delivering the sort of performance that we would have expected years ago. Of course, this helps to keep the price down, but now Huawei is looking to change that with their latest chips they just announced in the Far East, the Kirin 920 and the company is making some pretty big claims about their latest chip.


The Kirin 920 is a System-on-Chip that is based around an octa-core CPU that uses the big.LITTLE blueprint from ARM, and pairs four low-power Cortex A7 cores that can reach 1.6 Ghz with four high-performance Cortex A15 cores that can reach speeds of 2.0 Ghz. While these figures seem pretty standard to us – we have devices like the Galaxy S5 reaching speeds of 2.5 Ghz after all – Huawei is claiming that this latest chip of theirs will outperform even the Snapdragon 805, which we've yet to see reach a commercial device. The Kirin 920 has a Mali-T628 GPU onboard, which should deliver some fairly good gaming performance and it also supports LTE Cat 6 and VoLTE. So, Huawei have created a fairly respectable SoC for their new devices however, the claim that their latest and greatest outperforms the Snapdragon 805 is a bit of a stretch.

Regardless of whether or not Huawei's claim holds up, this new SoC will help their upcoming devices hold their own against the likes of Samsung and HTC, at least on paper in terms of general performance that is. Unlike many other Chinese manufacturers, Huawei doesn't rely on MediaTek for their name devices, which is a very good thing and should deliver a little more confidence in their devices. MediaTek continue to refuse to release source code and thus devices running a MediaTek CPU are stuck on Android 4.2.2. Hopefully, this new processor will help Huawei's devices hit more markets around the world, without shipping with an outdated version of Android and much better performance overall.

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