HTC Sales Dip in May after Two Strong Months of HTC One M8 Sales

June 3, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

HTC has been losing money for a couple of years now, basically since 2011 when they were just taking their flagships and doing incremental upgrades. I guess that made some people upset, and HTC was no longer number 1. In fact, that’s when Samsung took over and began their dominance, which is still continuing today. As Android fans, we always root for the underdogs, because we love seeing new manufacturers emerge, especially ones that can bring us amazing devices. Because we love competition. We’ve been hoping that HTC would turn themselves around, and they had appeared to be doing an alright job with that, but it looks like May wasn’t as good of a month as the company had expected.

After having two pretty solid months of sales, in March and April, HTC reported NT$21,065 in revenue for May. Which is a 4.59% drop month-over-month and a 27.37% drop year-over-year. So it’s not really getting any better for HTC just yet. We were hoping that with the HTC One M8 and the new Desire line of smartphones that we’d see some new life from HTC this year. After all they do make some great devices, it’s just the marketing isn’t there for HTC, and hasn’t for quite a while. 

April was a pretty good month for HTC, where they saw a 36% increase over March in revenue. Which in any business, a jump in revenue that high is definitely a good thing, that’s more than a third. HTC just launched the HTC One E8 this morning, which is basically the same as the HTC One M8 but without the metal and it features a 13MP camera instead of the 4MP UltraPixel camera found on the HTC One M8. It’ll be interesting to see how well that sells though.

How many of you are still keeping your fingers crossed for a HTC turn-around?