Hotel Tonight: Check-in and Unlock Your Door With Your Smartphone

Hotel Tonight

It is amazing what we will be using our smartphones for in the future…heck, it’s amazing what we can do already!  What is holding up a lot of the progress are the businesses themselves – they need to update equipment or security is worried about our safety, or more likely their insurance liability.  Whatever the reason, we have to start somewhere and that is exactly what the new App, Hotel Tonight has done.  With their just released version 4.4.4 – not to be confused with Android 4.4.4 – they have given us a full-fledge application that will make booking, check-in, and entering your room easier…provided the hotel you chose will work with the App.

Hotel tonight has always been a popular travel App that would connect empty hotel rooms with a last minute request – you know, those that travel, but never plan in advance.  Now they have made their App even better with this latest update.  You can now check-in your room by double tapping on the App, no need to go stand in line at the desk – wait, you say you need your keys from the front desk to get in your room – simply use your smartphone’s NFC capabilities and Brivo Labs’ SAM API.  All of a sudden, staying in a hotel/motel just got easier.

Hotel Tonight Express Check-In: Bypass the usual check-in process by simply double-tapping twice on the App displayed on your smartphone.  That will notify the front desk that you are reserving the room and they will in-turn, notify you when the room is ready and you can go directly to the front desk and pick up your keys – if the place you are staying does not use the keyless entry.

Keyless Entry, Powered by Brivo Labs: All you have to do is open the Hotel Tonight App and hold the device up to the lock and the door will automatically unlock after a few seconds.  This feature should be available in the near future as Hotel Tonight and Brivo Labs finish talks with several major chains.

Hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you have ever used Hotel Tonight for reservations and if you were pleased with the service…as always, we would love to hear from you.