Hodor Your Way Into The Hearts Of Fans With Hodor Keyboard For Android....Hodor

For Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Game of Thrones, you like the rest of us have probably grown to appreciate the lovable Hodor. How can you not like the guy? He loyally takes care of and protects Bran to the best of his abilities and all the while the only thing he ever says is Hodor. It's equal parts hilarious and somewhat endearing and has become a loving joke among many fans,(myself included)and what better way to liven up any conversation and instill that same sense of wonderment that Hodor must feel every day, than by replying with a few simple "Hodors" to your friends and family. It might be better suited to keep this to any person who has at least seen one episode that has Hodor in it otherwise the novelty is lost on those who won't understand what the hell you're talking about.

The keyboard is a simple one button keyboard that has one function and one function only, to reply to any message or any thread with the only response that Hodor knows, Hodor! you'll impress your friends and at the very least draw a smile out of those who might have been having a bad day. If any elitist Game of Thrones snobs try to test your knowledge of Hodor you can best their feeble attempts to stump you with Hodor keyboard and show them what's what!

If you love Game of Thrones, and you love Hodor, you can be like Hodor. As the app points out, you can simply tap for a single Hodor or long press for maximum Hodor. You can also tap a few times for medium Hodor. Sometimes the situation only needs a little Hodor. If you Hodor too much you can unHodor any conversation by swiping left, cause no one uses the delete button these days. It's 2014 and it's all about gestures. If Hodor can understand we're sure that you can too. The only downside to the Hodor keyboard might be the fact it costs a buck, but then again this is strictly a novelty app that will appeal to those who love Game of Thrones. Hodor the world! Perhaps this entire article would have been more appropriate as near infinite Hodor. Hodor HODOR for just $0.99... hodor.

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