Google Moving "Help" For Its Applications From The Web To An App User Experience

Google wants to change the way we get help for its line of Google core applications on our mobile devices. Everyone knows that we could all use a little help now and then, and currently the way we get help for Googley things(apps mainly)is through a web portal interface that we're transported to after we hit the help button inside the menu of any one of Google's apps.(or most of them at least) This is all fine and dandy but it seems that Google wants to make things even easier for people when it comes to asking for the help that they need, and is attempting to port that process of assistance over to an application format. There's nothing wrong with taking users to a support webpage to get what they need when they have a few questions that they'd like answered, but ultimately an app would be much more useful and this is speaking from a users perspective.

Of course I know that there will be some people that would rather use the web portal interface, but the majority must feel differently if Google was convinced to make the change. Native on device help through an app UI should make things much quicker with faster load times as you won't have to wait for the browser to load. The new application version of Google assistance is looking like it will bear the name Google Help(and rightfully so)and should provide pretty much the exact same functions of which a user could access from the web portals, which includes help articles with a possible resolution to any users issues that they may have, and of course the last ditch effort would allow a user to reach a Google employee from the support staff through a call.

The evidence was found within several strings of code in various Google apps like YouTube and Wallet, which points to the help features being utilized within the app itself, unfortunately as "helpful" as this sounds there is no real information as to when we might expect to see this type of assistance come to users. We can only hope it will be sooner than later.

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