Google I/O 2014: Day 1 Wrap Up


Today was full of announcements from Google I/O. The two hour keynote did run a bit long, nearly three hours, but we got all kinds of goodies this year. Many more than we got last year. So what exactly did we get? Well let's take a look.

Android's L Release Preview: Available for Download Later Today


Android 'L' Will run on ART, RIP Dalvik

Android 'L' Introduces us to "Project Volta" to bring Better Battery Life!

Google Announces Android One initiative to Bring Smart Phones to the next Billion People


Material Design is the New Android Design Flavor in Android 'L' Release

40 New Partners announced for the Open Auto Alliance

Notifications Get Completely Redesigned in Android L


Cast to Chromecast without being on the same WiFi Network

Android L Offers New Personal Unlocking Feature

Google's Android Wear With Full SDK Available Today


HTC and the Goal of Android L Availability on M7 and M8

Android Wear Brings the Power of Google Now and Notifications to Your Wrist

Google Fit to Bring Unified Statistics to All Fitness Apps


LG G Watch Specs

Android TV To Hit Sony, Sharp, and Philips TVs Next Year

Google Introduce the GMail API, To Replace IMAP and Bring a Modern API to Your Inbox


Google Announces New Enterprise Features, "Drive for Work" Program and Slides App for Android and iOS

The Android TV Remote App for Android Is Now Available on the Play Store

Google Announces 'Bill My Carrier' Option Coming to Tablets


What Goodies are in Google Play Services 5.0?

Slides Has Left Google Drive To Have Its Very Own App

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Now Available for Pre-Order