Google Gives $150 Credit To Pixel Owners For Verizon Data Issue



When the Chromebook Pixel launched in February 2012, it came with two years of 100MB per month of LTE from Verizon. Yesterday though, Verizon abruptly ended the deal after only one year. This upset many Pixel owners taking advantage of Verizon's LTE. Verizon's customer support has been telling Pixel customers they were unaware of a two year LTE data bundle.


The Chromebook Pixel is Google's high end take on a Chrome OS laptop. Its design takes after Apple's famous Macbook. It includes an Intel Core i5, 4GB of RAM and a 32GB solid-state drive. The Pixel can still be purchased on the devices section of the Google Play Store for $1300.

Fortunately, Google has decided to take some responsibility for the issues by giving customers who purchased the Pixel with Verizon data a $150 in the form of a Visa credit card. A spokesperson from Google said;

"While this particular issue is outside of our control, we appreciate that this issue has inconvenienced some of our users."


Google is known for this helping out its customers like this. On multiple occasions, Google has reimbursed customers who missed out on a deal on its products.

Verizon is also looking into the issues. A representative of Verizon has stated;

"We understand that some Chromebook Pixel customers may have lost their promotional data, 100MB a month for two years, early. We apologize for this and are working on a solution for those customers."


This isn't the first time Verizon has taken advantage of its network to screw over customers. Recently, Verizon held back the Nexus 7 from using its LTE. It took many months after launch until  Verizon let the Nexus 7 on its network.

If you bought a Pixel with LTE, and want to receive your $150 credit, contact Google Play support to initiate a claim. Google will send you the credit ASAP.

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