Google Focuses on Security with Android L Release and Updated Google Play Services

Google IO2014 AH 38

One of the major focuses with the upcoming Android L release is security. Apple poked at Android during WWDC and Google took notice. They are updating Google Play Services in the L release and adding Privacy Controls and Universal Data Controls, as well as the kill switch we've all been hearing about. This kill switch is called Factory Reset Protection and it'll be built into Android L.

Pichai also talked a lot about the protections that Google has in place already, like scanning of apps whether they come from the Play Store or they are side loaded. All of the apps on your device can be scanned for malware. As it stands, 93% of all Android users have the latest version of Google Play Services, meaning that security isn't the issue that Apple wants you to think it is.


Google is working on new experiences that will push out in Google Play Services, like new voice capabilities, contextually aware services, and cross-device and cross-platform functionality. All of it secure.

Google is announcing Android Auto and Android TV right now at the keynote in San Francisco. You can follow along with us on the live stream here, and Tom is keeping you up to date with the liveblog here.