We Get One Last Look At Modern Combat 5 Before E3, Here's The Final Teaser Trailer

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is this year's most anticipated title from Gameloft, and is shaping up to easily be one of the best mobile games of the year by the looks and sounds of things. Gameloft is getting ready for E3 much like many other video game enthusiasts out there and before they finally touch ground on the E3 showroom floor, they wanted to leave us with a little special treat to get us all worked up over what's to come. The trailer is a quick one minute spot that shows off plenty of the games action and even what the games new logo will look like which is the image that you see up above. At the end of the video we get a vague reference to Modern Combat 5's release date as Coming Soon, although we all know that "Coming Soon" could mean two weeks or it could mean a month and a half. What I suspect is that we'll see this game either launch during E3 or directly after E3 is over.

Speaking of E3, gameloft will be showing off more of the game at the show so if you'll be in town and attending, make sure to stop by their booth and try to get a look at the game. Thus far Modern Combat 5: Blackout has much to give to the gamer and offers up some high intensity gameplay with some great new features.

Things like Unified progression for you characters across multiplayer and the single player campaign, and multiple character classes each with their own specializations are just a couple of the biggest things to look forward to once this game releases, and the classes are decided upon by the weapons that you choose to equip your character with. So if you equip him with a sniper rifle then your character becomes a sniper. There's also at least some vehicle play in the game which you can see from the video below. We also still have no confirmation whether or not Gameloft has baked in gamepad support for Modern Combat 5 at launch, but we do know that the game will have it at some point which could mean that we'll see it in an update for the game down the road. Modern Combat 5 is looking like it'll be the biggest and most ambitious Modern Combat title to date and it's been in development for a while so we're expecting big things from it. The past few Modern Combat titles have been pretty damn good so everything we know so far about the 5th installment in the franchise has us very hopeful.

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