Galaxy Note 4 Potentially Listed On Samsung's Website As SM-910A With Quad HD Screen

Ready for some more Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors? Good, we knew you couldn't resist. So what's the skinny on Samsung's upcoming replacement for the famous Galaxy note 3?Rumors state that the Galaxy Note 4 may be a device listed as the SM-N910A over at the official Samsung website. The interesting bit here is that the user agent profile where the model number for that device was found points out that the device carries a display of Quad HD quality or better known as 2K. The Galaxy note 4 has been rumored to be coming with such a display for a while as well as have a model number similar to this one without the "A" in it. So while this isn't an exact confirmation it is a decent indicator.

Besides the 2K screen resolution and the near identical model number that has been rumored to be the Note 3 successor, the SM-910A is also listed to have a 5.7-inch display, which has been rumored to be the screen dimensions in the past. Zauba, an Indian website commonly referred to for their activity of tracking imports and exports was able to gather this particular data about the handset. While there may have been a few users that were hoping for a little bit larger of a display, many loyal phablet fans feel that 5.5-5.7 inches is the sweet spot for a display size and should be happy if that detail pans out to be true. This also could mean that Samsung was able to squeeze even better resolution out of the same size screen so pictures, colors, and everything in between should look quite a bit better and sharper.

Samsung commonly follows a set pattern for model numbers in devices although not always. The Galaxy Note 3 was listed with the model number of SM-900, so it's not too far fetched to think that the Note 4 will be pretty much the same model number. The Galaxy Note line of devices has typically been released in the fall around the time that we usually see a new Nexus device from Google so as we move forward towards September we should learn more about the SM-910A and if it really is the Galaxy Note 4.

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