Fleksy Keyboard Comes To The Gear 2 Smartwatch Offering Quick And Accurate Typing

When it comes to choosing an alternative keyboard to use for typing on your Android device, there is no shortage of options. When it comes to smartwatches however there isn't exactly any other choices for keyboards that one can install. That changes today for those that own the Samsung Gear 2. Today, Fleksy which is one of the award winning keyboards on Android has just released Fleksy keyboard for the Gear 2 smartwatch. Quick accurate typing has never and probably will never be easier on the Gear 2.

Not only does the Fleksy keyboard bring some of the best and most accurate typing features of any keyboard to the Gear 2, but if you're using Fleksy keyboard on your smartphone as well the data between both devices syncs together, so that whatever previous conversation threads and information from Fleksy is on your smartphone can now be seen on your Gear 2 smartwatch. This can ensure that you don't miss a beat when it comes to messages, as you won't have any missing pieces of the conversation on either device. This marks one of the first third party apps to be made available for the Gear 2 smartwatch and the Tizen ecosystem, but it won't be the last. Fleksy keyboard is actually available on Android as both a free and a paid version,(the paid version includes all themes)and Fleksy for the Gear 2 is also a free download and can be accessed through Samsung Apps, however it doesn't support the use of themes just yet.

Fleksy has a mission to make smart and accurate typing available on all smart devices regardless of the size of their displays, and the Gear 2 is just the beginning as a step forward towards that goal. Judging by the video Fleksy keyboard for the Gear 2 works nearly as effortlessly as it does on smartphones and tablets, which should make for the absolute best typing experience on a smartwatch. With small screens it can be tough to type the correct words, but Fleksy seeks to eliminate that problem with their patent pending technology. We've all gotten and sent those messages that can be hard to understand due to typos and mistakes, on a device like the Gear 2 or any other smartwatch, eliminating those mistakes only becomes harder, but with Fleksy you can help make sure that you type quickly and accurately.

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