Fire Phone Buyers to Get Unlimited Photo Storage Through Amazon's Cloud Drive for Free



Today, Amazon finally announced the Fire Phone and not only is it much like the Kindle Fire line of tablets, as many of you expected, but it's also got some nifty tricks like the Dynamic Perspective that takes advantage of the four built-in cameras. A lot of the specs on the Fire Phone are pretty run-of-the-mill and what you'd expect for a smartphone from Amazon, but if there's one area Amazon have tried their best to keep up with the competition, it's the camera.


The Fire Phone features a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera behind a 5-element lens system that's "custom tuned" to get the best results. In fact, Amazon went on and on about how much better their camera was than the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S'. Of course there's no way for us to tell just yet, without our hands on the actual device, but what Amazon had to show off on stage was pretty convincing and seemed to capture light better as well as making better use of HDR when taking high-resolution images.

If you're looking to get the Fire phone then the fact that the device comes with completely free, completely unlimited photo storage might be music to your ears. With Dropbox, Android users' current favorite choice for image uploads you get 5GB free then have to pay for more. Granted, that's a lot of photos and Google Drive's prices have come a lot as well but both of these services will encourage you to upload more to your storage accounts. With this offer from Amazon however, you'll be able to do that as well as never have to worry about taking too many pictures. Something we're sure new parents and those traveling can relate to. No matter what though, it's a nice gesture from Amazon, and for a device that starts at $199, something we might already have expected.

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