Finland Based ASMO Charger Seeks To Cure The Disease Of Wasted Energy During Phone Charging

Like most things that you have to plug into the wall or some other outlet, phone chargers consume energy even when they're not in use. That fact itself shouldn't shock anyone but the amount of energy being wasted due to that fact should. ASMO Charger claims that every year, wasted energy from smartphones and tablets equals the amount of energy produced by 27,000 power windmills, or 2 nuclear power plants. That's a whole lot of energy being wasted that could be put to better use down the road when it's actually needed. The problem seems to be that the chargers that come with our devices currently don't stop consuming energy even when they don't need to charge our handsets or tablets. That's where the ASMO Charger comes in and attempts to help.

This powerful little charger not only gives your devices the correct amount of energy just like any other charger meant for your device would, but once your smartphone or tablet is done charging the ASMO Charger eliminates its power consumption process until the next time it is needed. Think about the extra hours that your charger sits there plugged in when there is no device attached to it. All day every day, consuming energy. Think about that daily amount over the course of a year. That's a lot of wasted electricity. With the ASMO Charger, unless your device is plugged into it and receiving a needed charge, power consumption shuts off automatically. That means that it won't consume electricity even if your phone or tablet is plugged in as long as it doesn't need a charge.

The cool thing about the ASMO Charger is that it will be making the jump to Kickstarter soon for assistance via crowd funding. If you're someone like me who has multiple chargers plugged in all around the house, you could benefit from something like this. Not only would it help you save on energy costs a little bit but it would be safer as well, so there is no reason to worry about leaving it plugged in while it's not needed. The Kickstarter campaign is due to hit soon, so if you're eager to check something like this out, keep an eye on our site as well as the ASMO Charger main page.

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