Featured: Top 10 Best Android Games: June 2014 Edition


Great Little Wargame 2Screenshot (879)

The very first Great Little Wargame was a fantastic title if you like turn based combat strategy games and we were eager to see Great Little Wargame 2 upon its release. Rubicon Development really does a bang up job with the sequel, and provides gamers with tons of replay value and lots to love. Plan out your strategic moves lest you be struck down by your opponents without much effort, and no one wants that. Best of all Great Little Wargame 2 is a one time buy, with no ads and no IAP. If you played the original you definitely have to check out the sequel. If you're interested in picking it up, throw $2.99 at your screen and click install.

The Rhythm Of FightersAH The Rhythm Of Fighters

The Rhythm of Fighters is yet another example of an awesome game from SNKPlaymore. The original classics are great, but these cool little spinoffs are a great take on the classic games that many gamers remember from their days at the arcade huddled in front of the neogeo machines. The Rhythm of Fighters is as the name suggests, a Rhythm based game that will have you attacking to the beat of the music, but only if you can tap the beats correctly. Tap the correct beats, and land your attacks. String together beats for combo attacks and special moves, as well as assistance from your support characters. Spend $0.99 and get ultimate fun here.

DefendersPrime World Defenders

Defenders is one of many Tower Defense titles on the Play Store, but few give you this much fun gameplay and eye candy all wrapped up in one major awesome package, for free I might add. Unfortunately free usually means IAP and that is no different here, but that only becomes a problem if you find it hard for yourself to resist spending money there where it isn't required. Defenders has tons of levels, tons of monsters, and tons of towers to use to defend against their incoming attacks. The 3D graphics are sure to please and if you like TD games this is definitely one to check out, you can pick it up for free from the Play Store.


Boom BeachBoom Beach

Boom Beach is the next combat strategy game from Supercell following up the popular Clash of Clans. You can explore a huge tropical archipelago and stake your claim and begin building your defenses. There are hundreds of unique bases to attack all around the island, and you can band up with others who play so you can take down evil menacing bosses and thwart their plans. More of a lonewolf? Raid other players bases instead. The game is free to play as one would expect and that means IAP however, they're optional as was Clash of Clans which was loved by many.

Angry Birds EpicAH Angry Birds Epic

In the most epic Angry Birds game ever made, Angry Birds Epic takes the loveable birds we're familiar with and throws them right into the fray of a battle ridden RPG. Steel yourselves, and prepare to enter battle all the while leveling up your bird characters, gathering materials for crafting items and weapons and other gear, and facing some of the most nefarious pigs in existence. It's a fun little take on the Angry Birds universe, and is free to play for all.

Hitman GOAH Hitman GO

Hitman GO takes the idea of the popular franchise contract killer and places him in the middle of gameboard. Your goals are the same though. Reach your target,(sometimes undetected)kill off your enemies, pick up useful items. Lovingly crafted graphics that put off visuals of a Diorama, Hitman GO is not the Hitman you remember, but it's an utterly amazing game nonetheless. Hitman GO is basically a puzzle game, as you have to figure out how to reach your end destination on each level without alarming any of the guards. Each level has different challenges and there are about 16 levels per board, with four boards to go through and at least one more on the way in future updates. There's lots of content and if you enjoy Puzzle games check this one out. Hitman GO is $4.99 if you're ready for some stealthy kills.


The Walking Dead Season TwoThe Walking Dead Season 2

Season Two of the popular Walking Dead Episodic series game from Telltale Games has finally landed on the Play Store and we're sure plenty of people couldn't be happier. If you have been playing this game already and are finished with the first season, now's your chance to continue the madness. The first episode of Season Two is free and you'll end up paying close to $15 for episodes two through five as IAP.  The game is available now in the Play Store.

Warhammer 40K: CarnageAH Warhammer 40K: Carnage

Warhammer 40K: Carnage is a sidescrolling RPG of sorts. You play through the game as the ultramarine and blood angel space marines, ripping through ork flesh level by level to save your general. Each level will reward you with experience and potentially powerful wargear, which you can either sell or equip to upgrade your space marine and outfit him with more damage dealing power and stronger defenses. There are 50 levels across two maps with at least four more maps to come through free expansion packs included in future updates. Each level can also be completed with multiple difficulties and different challenges, providing an alternate and harder experience throughout. It'll set you back $6.99, but that's well worth it for the amount of content.

Topia World BuilderTopia World Builder

Topia is a world builder done right. Build lush forests and vast plains, fill them with animals and watch them get attacked by predators. Create giant mountains, or just let your world sit there, it's your choice, because you can. As god of your new world you can build it and shape it as you see fit, and that means you place things where you want them. Worlds can be saved and edited for later play, and you can change the color of the landscapes and watch your creations grow. Topia World Builder from Crescent Moon Games will set you back $1.99 if you're ready to become God.


Dragon Quest VIIIDragon-Quest-VIII-android

The acclaimed Dragon Quest VIII from Square Enix finally made it to Android at the beginning of this month and boy was it worth the wait. It has awesome visuals, a fantastic storyline and hours upon hours upon hours of gameplay. The battle system is in your typical JRPG fashion with a couple of tweaks. While some might find it weird, the portrait mode controls actually make for a more comfortable gaming experience as you can play with one hand(a lot easier and more enjoyable than you'd think). Begin your journey with one of the best RPG titles to ever grace any gaming platform with Dragon Quest VIII. Although it is a bit pricey at $19.99, it is a great game and you won't be disappointed.