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Haven't you heard, everyone is talking about it, or is that not talking about it? I get confused. Either way, the social network of the moment is now available on Android, and has been for a couple of weeks or so now. If you don't get the idea behind Secret, it's basically a way for strangers to connect over common ground. Of course, that was the idea before Android users were introduced to the snobbery of some iPhone users (though some Android users are even worse). Still, if you ignore comments from these unscrupulous types, you might find that you like Secret, but please don't forget to go outside every once in a while.

Hodor Keyboard


Game of Thrones has become massively popular and not only has it made it okay to like fantasy TV shows and be a nerd, it's also given the Internet some golden material to build memes and such around. One of those is Hodor, the lovable giant that can't say anything more than his own name, which is unfortunately, Hodor. What does an enterprising app developer looking to put a smile on people's faces do? Naturally create the Hodor Keyboard, which as you might have guessed, has one input and one input only; HODOR! A fun app to share with friends and annoy fellow Game of Thrones fans with, Hodor Keyboard is a cool app, but it might make you look like you know nothing.


Sunrise Calendar


Do we have enough calendar apps for Android yet? Of course not, this is Android! So, here comes one more with Sunrise Calendar, and we didn't think it was possible for someone other to make an Android app this Googley. Taking cues from Hangouts and Google Now, Sunrise's look is Android through and through. It's safe to say that fans of modern UI need this calendar app on their device. It's early days yet, so Exchange Support and a proper Tablet App are still on their way.

Wikipedia Beta



Wikipedia online is often a quick search away, but if you really love something a dedicated app can be just what the Doctor ordered. Wikipedia have released a Beta app to the Play Store and it's much better. The team behind the app have gone native and it's now much faster and has a lot of added features. For Wikipedia fans, this is a no-brainer and as this is a Beta, the best way to support the app is to report any bugs that you come across and continue to test this excellent update.



Last month, we featured IFTTT, but this month there's a simpler app available that does a similar sort of thing. Everypost does pretty much what you think it does, it posts what you want to say – to everything – to Facebook, Twitter etc all in one swift swoop. It's a nifty little app for social butterflies that often bounce from one app to another, and could help build your activity on other services you need to work on more.




As Android users, we have it pretty well off when it comes to contacts, especially if you sync them with your GMail account. Addappt is perhaps more of a good idea than a good app right now, thanks to its only downside; it needs others to have the app installed as well. What Addappt aims to do is to get rid of that annoying problem when someone changes their number. If both parties have Addappt setup, the number will change automatically, across all address books synced with this particular number changer. It's a great concept, especially for those that run their business from a smartphone, but it unfortunately is limited by needing others to get onboard as well, something that has taken down services before. So help them out, install this if you like the idea.


AH Aereo


Aereo is not a new app, so what's it doing in this list I hear you cry? Well, it's recently been updated with Chromecast support. Which, somewhat bizarrely, means you can now watch Live TV that isn't on your TV but on your phone, on your TV. Neat, right? Well, that is if you can get access to Aereo of course, then it's awesome. A nice addition to the growing pool of Chromecast-enabled services, which others like Crunchyroll just joined, too.


AH Peek

Notifications on Android are often considered handled better than other platforms, but they're far from perfect. This is where Peek comes in, developed by the Paranoid Android Team, it's now available to any Android device thanks to the talented Francisco Franco. Of course, your mileage may vary as this is still in development. Peek cleans up notifications and makes things a lot easier with just a quick glance at your device. For those that hate the usual pull down, clear all routine of Android, Peek is well worth taking a look at and following as it gets better and better.


D-Day Heroes


In case you haven't noticed, 2014 is the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and the BBC has an excellent Android app available for folks to take a look back at what happened, with a detailed timeline and interviews from those that took part in the major operation that turned the tide of World War II. Something for you to take a look at with your children or to freshen up your history and remember those that fought valiantly so that we could mess around with smartphones and the like. Unfortunately, it looks like the app is only available for those in the UK, as the BBC has forgotten the rest of the world took part in D-Day.

New Relic

new relic


Are you a server administrator? Do you hate having to have a laptop or use a clunky website to take care of servers using New Relic? Well, now you can just use your Android phone or tablet. This free app available to those with the New Relic service can access their accounts using the app and potentially fix any issues while on the go.

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