Featured Review: SCUD USA Magic Stick 2800mAh Power Bank

Power Bank Magic stick review AH 15

The SCUD USA Magic Stick 2800mAh Power Bank is on sale for $18.99, however using the coupon code – UULJYFT8 – you can get the Power Bank for just $13.99. It’s a great deal!

There are so many battery packs and power banks out there, and they range in sizes from around 1500mAh to about 25,000mAh. The smaller ones, like this Power Bank, don’t necessarily keep your phone going for days, but it will top it off to get you through the day. SCUD has sent over their 2800mAh Power Bank which is pretty small, in fact it’s smaller than the battery in my LG G2 which I’m using alongside the power bank. It’s a pretty small battery pack which it’s little bit thicker than a lighter or lip stick. It does also have a built-in microUSB charger, so you are able to charge your phone without bringing along another cable with you. Now if you are buying this for the iPhone or iPad, this won’t work. As the USB port on here is for charging the battery pack. As far as how much juice it’ll give you, probably not a full recharge, unless you have a mid-range phone that has a battery around 2,000mAh, on the LG G2, it wasn’t able to full charge the device, but it did get it up to around 80%, which is plenty to get through a day with that phone, and really any phone.


It’s a pretty small and lightweight battery pack which is nice to have and be able to throw it into your back pack or purse – for the ladies out there. It does come in various colors as well. Obviously I have the Space Gray version here, it’s also available in Champagne, Blue, pink, silver and red wine. There’s one other feature on this Power Bank that I think is really cool. It has a microSD card slot, which can turn this into a flash drive. So that you have your microSD card inside the Power bank, connect it to your phone and voila, you have expandable storage. Obviously it’s not as simple as if you had a microSD card slot in your phone, but still pretty cool.


Right now, SCUD has a sale on the Magic Stick 2800mAh Power Bank, it’s running about $18.99. It’s normal price is about $39.99 making it 53% off, and a pretty decent price as is. However with this coupon code – UULJYFT8 – you can get it for $13.99 which is an even better deal. And did I mention free shipping? It doesn’t have Amazon Prime free shipping but it does have free Shipping from SCUD USA. And we can’t say no to free shipping right?