FCC Takes a look at a new Google Fiber TV Box

fiber tv box

Google Fiber. It’s everyone’s dream ISP. I mean come on, who wouldn’t love to get 1gbps down and 1gbps upload speeds for under $100/month? I know I certainly would. Especially with 4K content now becoming the next big thing. Google Fiber is still only available in a few cities, but it is coming to more and more very soon, which is definitely exciting. What’s more exciting is this new Google Fiber TV box that just passed through the FCC. Yes, much like Comcast, or Time Warner, Google does TV as well and everything goes through that TV box. As usual the FCC listing is pretty scarce on the details, but we are looking at WiFi 802.11 ac/n, 10/100 Ethernet, MoCA, Bluetooth and HDMI 1.4. There’s also some sort of Bluetooth LE Remote included, which is found by looking at the platform source code. And that’s about it, literally. 

Now since this is just a Google Fiber TV box, we don’t really care to much about the design, since we aren’t going to be holding it, or carrying it around. It’ll basically be sitting under our TV for as long as we have Google Fiber, right? I’m sure there are more features in this Google Fiber TV box, but we’ll have to wait until Google tells us more about it. We’re expecting for Google to use their recent acquisition of SageTV to help spread Google Fiber into more and more cities. Hopefully we’ll see Google Fiber spread everywhere in the next few years, it would be a very good thing, in my opinion. A lot of people have asked why Google is getting into the ISP game, and the reason is simple, more people online equals more people using their service which means more people seeing ads and more money in their pocket.

How many of you are itching to get Google Fiber in your area? Let us know in the comments below.