Echo Notification Lockscreen Helps You Take Control Of Your Notifications

There is more than one way to manage your notifications on your Android device. You can interact with them straight from you notification bar because that is what it's there for after all. Or, you can choose one of many apps or widgets to help you stay on top of them. Sometimes it can be easy to miss a notification or two, especially if you have a lot of them piling up. When you get too many notifications it can be tempting to just dismiss and clear them all because you want your status bar back. No one likes clutter. However there is a better way. You can more easily manage your notifications with an app called Echo Notification Lockscreen.

Echo is an application that seeks to help you gain the capability to manage and stay on top of your notifications from your lockscreen. When you think about it, what a wonderful place to initiate the management. Most times my notifications come in when my screen is powered off and therefore locked. I would venture to guess that it would be the same for a majority of Android users. Sometimes you also don't have time to check your notifications in depth which would usually require to unlock your phone first, but you're aware that they're coming in. Perhaps they just come in at the wrong time. While there are situations where even using Echo is probably bad etiquette(or touching your phone at all for that matter), for most other times it can help you manage the incoming notifications by prioritizing them. It does this in a few different ways.

First off it has separate categories for certain notifications, like social, work etc. This should make it easy to deal with certain notifications as they come in and help you decide if they're worth checking right away or not. The setup on the lockscreen looks similar to way that multiple Dashclock  plugins look on your lockscreen, but adds in a dropdown menu so that you can sift through and interact with each and every notification by category. There is a place for your most important notifications as well which is under the actual "priority" header. To check a notification from Echo you simply tap on it to open up and interact with it, or if you want to check it later you can set the notification to come back and notify you at a later time which you have the ability to set by swiping to the right on that notification. You can also clear the notifications by swiping left. Echo even integrates the clock and a battery life percentage icon at the top of your lockscreen so you can be aware of the time as well as exactly how much battery you have left. Echo is a free app with a nice little elegant design, and could come in useful for those who want a better handle on their notifications.

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