DroidPack Brings You Nearly Every Wallpaper From Stock OEMs, ROMs, And Even Other OS Platforms

If you're like me and millions of other Android users, you probably enjoy swapping out your wallpapers on a constant basis. Wallpapers can be a great way to give your homescreen a refreshed look, and let's face it, sometimes the homescreen can become stagnant and boring and it just needs new life breathed into it. This can be true for many things and the wallpaper on the homescreen of Android devices is no different. Some wallpapers are great and it can be hard to let go of them, but if you like to change things up a bit now and again there are lots of different places to obtain your wallpapers. Better yet, maybe you just really like the standard wallpapers that are produced and included with many of today's(and yesterday's)top flagship devices, and lets not forget about some of the really cool wallpapers we see come included with some of the most popular ROMs.

DroidPack, if you enjoy the ROM wallpapers and the standard(stock)homescreen wallpapers that come with flagship devices, is your saving grace to getting some of the best wallpapers to use on your device, no matter what that device might be. You can choose to forego this awesome app and just collect all those great wallpapers yourself, scouring the seedy bits of the internet in an attempt to snag every wallpaper that's included here, but that takes time and why put all that time and effort into it when DroidPack has done the hard work for you? DroidPack comes from a forum member named donniemceduns over at none other than XDA Developers, a place where we commonly find cool things like this wallpaper pack here for example.

DroidPack is simple to use and easily organized so that you can find the wallpapers you're looking for without much effort. The wallpapers are split up into Stock OEM categories and ROM categories so that you can narrow down your options. Maybe this week you feel like a Paranoid Android, perhaps next week you want to sport one of the awesome new wallpapers from the HTC One M8. Whatever your tastes are at the moment, DroidPack can help you out with that. It's even setup so that you can filter the wallpaper options by Android version, or OS types, including those that aren't Android like iOS and others. Pretty cool right? You can grab DroidPack from the Play Store link here, and yes it's free. WOOT!

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