Don't Worry About Watering The Lawn Any More With Rachios Iro Smart Sprinkler

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Every day, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimated that 50% of the 7.8 billion gallons of water that is used on landscape irrigation systems is wasted. Thats 3.9 billion gallons wasted everyday due to inefficient irrigation systems found in most homes. In an attempt to save all of that precious water, Rachio has developed a new sprinkler system that will water and care for your lawn from any mobile device via the internet. The device is called the “Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller.” What this device does is turn your ordinary sprinkler system into a powerful unit that automatically adjusts to the weather and seasons of your hometown to use as little water as possible. The Iro Smart Sprinkler is connected via wifi and simply acts as the brain of the your landscape irrigation system, maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.

The iOS and Android app that is needed to operate the system creates a water schedule based on your location. The watering schedule is created from statistics such as regional characteristics and restrictions, and various types of soil. The Iro Smart Sprinkler also has the ability to adapt to unpredictable weather. Installation of the device is easy, only unplugging your old controller from the wall mount and attaching the Iro Smart Sprinkler using the same plugs from before. After installation, users can sync their smartphone to Iro through Rachios iOS or Android app. From there you can connect Iro to the wireless network in the house, create your watering schedule with the zone setup and you’re all set. Iro will tend to your lawn, watering it and keeping it healthy. Iro’s ability to adjust to the environment helps with the country’s water waste issue. “Iro is the ultimate marriage of conservationism and convenience,” said the CEO and Co- Founder, Chris Klein.

The Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller is available in over 990 Home Depot locations across the country for only $249. The price isn’t too crazy and would be a great investment for any lawn looking to get watered. Iro is a simple and efficient alternative for any landscape irrigation system being that the device thinks about the lawn more than you do.