DodoCase Selling Google Cardboard VR Headset for $19.95

June 26, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Google always does something wacky with their products.  It’s sort of a hallmark of the company and one we’ve come to expect with every unveiling.  At this year’s Google I/O 2014 Google gave away a new “product” to attendees; the Cardboard VR Headset.  While this was a little strange at first the actual product is pretty sweet because of what it does, not how it’s built.  Using simple cardboard, lenses, rubber bands and a number of other household objects the VR headset transforms your phone into a 3D imagery powerhouse, and Google even included instructions on how to build your very own at home.  Unfortunately the parts themselves could add up to a whopping $45, and while it’s a cool toy it’s probably not worth quite that much money.  What if you could get it for cheaper though, and have someone else build it for you at the same time?

No we’re not talking about buying it on the Ebay black market, we’re talking about a highly reputable case company, Dodocase!  We’ve reviewed a few of Dodocase’s cases (say that 5 times fast) and found that they are pretty exemplary in quality, and now they want to bring the VR headset love to you.  Better yet besides being a full package with all you need it’s quite a bit cheaper than what you might be able to buy the individual parts for.  $19.95 is the asking price from Dodocase, or $24.95 if you want to include the optional NFC tag for easy phone pairing.  You can use the coupon code USA1 to get even more money off too, bringing the regular headset down to $14.96 and the NFC flavor one down to $17.80.  Great deals no matter how you slice it, and certainly easier than trying to hunt down a pair of 40mm lenses for yourself!